We help online stores grow sales and eCommerce startups go-to-market fast
\"In 30 days, we got clarity and a plan of action for our vision, the step-by-step go-to-market plan with tons of competitive ecommerce business insights and user acquisition strategies.\" - Chanel, MadameYou
\"Yulia strikes with her creativity and dedication to complete the ideas, when she approaches marketing problems. Yulia brought her diverse marketing experience to SEO to come up with ideas for new projects, which made it a two-thumbs up experience.\" - Jordan, eBay
“Yulia has a great grasp of website design, online marketing, merchandising, and user experience flow. Excellence in her work is her goal and she goes after it with a zeal that makes you feel great to have her working with you.” – Kunal, Walmart.com
\"Yulia delivered an ecommerce marketing plan at a fairly impossible timeline - 4 weeks. We implemented right away a number of concrete strategies and tools for the Xmas campaign and the ones that would serve us for a longer term.\" - Lisa, AzapRegalos
\"I worked with Yulia on the redesign of the TI eStore, our eCommerce platform. Yulia brought her extensive user experience knowledge to help us finalize the comps and prioritize the features based on customer perspective and budgetary constraints.\" - Fox, Texas Instruments
\"Yulia has been a brilliant asset to several product launches. She has a broad skill set that includes market research, product positioning, extensive knowledge in the online advertising and analytics space, and understanding of user experiences.\" - Shannon, Microsoft
\"Yulia is a dynamo, a powerhouse. She has a brilliant mind, is conscientious with other people. Yulia knows how to develop, train and motivate a staff to accomplish a high volume of quality work in little time.\" - David, Intel

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eCommerce workshop

How To Save Over 650% on eCommerce Operations
March 4, 2014 in San Antonio
600 attendees

Yulia V Smirnova, CEO of CommerceBrain.com speaks at Internet Retailer 2013

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Profit from Facebook for Zappos and Eventbrite
June 4, 2013 in Chicago
9000 attendees


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What drives conversion?
August 25, 2012 in Sao Paulo
2000 attendees

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eCommerce Similarities and Differences in BRIC
August 3, 2013 in Sao Paulo
3000 attendees

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Trendsetters in eCommerce Marketing
March 15, 2012 in Sao Paulo
1000 attendees


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March 15, 2012 in Sao Paulo
1000 attendees

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