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  • Charong Chow

    Preggy App, Sr. Content Marketer

    Yulia Smirnova is a real find. She is not only personable and easy to work with, but she has invaluable marketing and startup experience. Yulia helped us create precise and easy to use marketing strategy and workflow plans that allowed our team to hit the ground running. She had awesome advice to increase the conversion rate of our blog and website, and she offered real user growth tips that we implemented with excellent results. I would highly recommend her if you want to get the job done.

  • Laura Dilley Thomas

    CastleBaths, eStore Owner
    I am so thankful for Yulia’s eCommerce video course for entrepreneurs like me; it is indeed an excellent course! It is exactly what I needed more than anything else and I have been in the ecommerce for over 7 years and thought I knew quite a bit. I went through the videos, and within weeks, hit my goals of increasing conversion rate by 39% and AOS by 30%.
  • Chanel Martin

    Co-Founder, COO at Techturized Inc.

    In 30 days, we got clarity and a plan of action for our vision, the step-by-step go-to-market plan with tons of competitive ecommerce business insights and user acquisition strategies.

  • Don Davis

    IRCE 2013, Internet Retailer

    I can’t say how good a KGB agent Yulia would have made, coming from the Soviet Union, yet she surely has the makings of a fine investigative reporter, given the exclusiveness of the insights shared at IRCE 2013 event on Facebook for customer acquisition.

  • Lisa Milton

    CEO of AzapRegalos

    Yulia delivered an ecommerce marketing plan at a fairly impossible timeline - 4 weeks. We implemented right away a number of concrete strategies and tools for the Xmas campaign and the ones that would serve us for a longer term.

Have customer acquisition problems?

I turn them into clear plans to execute yourself or with your team

Perhaps you have an online store and need an ecommerce plan for the upcoming holidays or a new audience, because you added new products or entered a new market. I will help you find the exact customers you need. I will develop a detailed plan on how to reach them, engage with them and get them to buy. I will walk you and your team on how to execute this and maintain the momentum once the upper customer pipeline is working perfectly (getting you the targeted volume of traffic and conversions). Lisa, that owns a gift estore in Mexico City, did just that in Fall 2013 and is enjoying the benefits ever since. Think how happy you’ll be after getting similar work done.

Going to market with a new store or service?

I help you turn your launch into reality with users, signing up and buyers buying

You are launching a new ecommerce store in your country. You have the site developed and even a mobile app that complements the shopping experience. Now, you just need a launch plan to get customers, to get the traction going and wish someone with experience and leverage can walk your through the launch. I would love to do that. Ask Mohammed and Osama, who did just that and got a go-to-market plan with all the details and 6 months support within 60 days since talking to me. The launch became so much clearer and the marketing plan helped in raising money. Imagine the same speed to market you gain once you engage with me.

Wish to increase revenue & conversion rate?

I show you how from the gaps I find analyzing your business and sales funnels

You have been in the ecommerce for a while and you do know quite a bit on what works for your online shop and what does not. Yet, you hit a plateau. Your volume of traffic is not rising. Or your conversion rate leaves much to be desired. You wonder what are you not doing that prevents you from reaching your vision (the same goals you had for the last few years). I can open up opportunities for your estore for traffic and for revenue. You can also test it for a while to make sure my insights work. Laura did that by getting my book first, and implementing a few ideas. Then, she reached out and enrolled into an online video training program, which led her to increase conversion by 39% and AOS by 30 % within the first 2 months. You can do that do or have your team learn the process and execute for you, while you enjoy growing your business that makes your life easier, more enjoyable, without your time commitment.

How you can engage with me

You are going to love working with me if the above got your interest.  We can engage via 3 ways: a one-time consult if you have a specific problem, yet need a fast resolution.  Or if you have done prior work and need a second opinion, I can help you with that.  Yet, if you really want to transform your business, I invite you to explore ongoing on retainer advising or custom projects. Know where you stand in marketing performance, improve site experience, increase conversion, grow traffic and get to the next level of revenue.

Site Audits
Campaigns Reviews
Limited Focused
Marketing Plan
With 6 Month Support
Plans One Time
site experience review
analytics health check
industry benchmarks
insights, 2 key actions
plan with how-tos, execution models, costs, performance projections
site and marketing optimization
sales growth
team coaching
You Pay: $799.00
You Pay: $2,599.00


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