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Grow And Scale Your Online Store To Profit Book

Tap into the experience of 50 + eCommerce experts entrepreneurs

  • 26 checklists with 228 tips from over 50 experts (including me).
  • 92 proven tools, technology and service providers that successful eCommerce sites use.
  • 8 exclusive bonuses with discounts and savings otherwise not available elsewhere.
Grow and Scale Your Online Store To Profit

What people who read it say

  • Insights rich eCommerce playbook for entrepreneurs

    Harvinder Singh

    The book as as big as the title. It is half a textbook and half story book. First part of the book describes the 18 strategies an commerce business can use to increase sales that apply to any kind of site b2b or b2c ecommerce. Within each strategy, there are multiple “sub strategies” or tactical tips to execute them. Thus, each chapter is packed with hundreds of small and big things you can do to increase your sales and make customer experience on site fruitful (that's why i call it a textbook. I wouldn't want to be a student remembering all these ideas). Plus, the author provides good real world examples of companies that are actually using those strategies and measuring how precisely their sales numbers improved

  • A must read

    As the owner of an eCommerce store of 8 years, I first purchased this book on Kindle after reading one of Yulia's blogs on social media. I'm one of the old fashion readers that likes to write in my books and tab bookmarks and since my kindle version had become so packed with bookmarks, I decided I needed a paperback version too! Each and every chapter is very inspiring, very detailed and well written.

    I feel this book can really help not only new entrepreneurs, but those like myself who need to simply understand where they need to focus. Sometimes as business owners we are too close to our needs to actually filter through and understand how we can achieve our goals. We make it harder than we should. Yulia points out strategies to simplify for growth in a very easy to understand language. She goes a few steps even better, she shares examples, tools and even resources to help get you where you wish to go.

    An important piece I was able to take away from the book was a better understanding of my business model- for I was trying to be all models and not able to really focus where I needed to focus to improve growth.

    Lastly, a light actually went off in my head, broadening my understanding of sticky and smart marketing while reading through her examples! I highly recommend you get yourself a copy:-)

  • It is like a wikipedia for e-commerce


    It is like a wikipedia for e-commerce, full of tons of helpful suggestions and tools!
    For e-commerce folks and people who look to scale online, it is an amazing discovery:)


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