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eCommerce Excellence Course for Online Store Owners & eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Who is the course for?

  • Busy eCommerce store owners
  • Newly launching store founders
  • Seasoned eCommerce enterprenuers, outsourcing teams
  • eCommerce marketers

Why should I consider this course?


  • You are a busy eCommerce store owner who’ve been in the biz for a while, yet, because you are wearing too many hats, you have gaps, unknowns and “not sure why it does not work” tests in your online marketing or estore operations. With this course, you will get clarity and tools to restructure your marketing operations to start deliver results and gain traction.

  • You are just starting out in eCommerce business and need all systems and critical skills for rapid launch right now and you cannot afford learning on your own mistakes, i.e. you are in high growth phase.
  • You are an eCommerce entrepreneur who outsources work to multiple people to serve as your marketing team and need a way to consolidate all their efforts to operate as one revenue generating team. The tools in this program will help you manage that effectively.
  • You are an eCommerce professional that wishes to polish expertise in customer acquisition, growth marketing and conversion optimization and be able to apply what you learn right away within hours to make a difference in the business you are employed at. You might even score a promotion.

What you’ll learn and be able to do


Get full coverage of both key aspects of eCommerce business: customer acquisition and conversion optimization.

You’ll learn how to craft online marketing strategy, execute on your marketing plan so that you have an ongoing pipeline of traffic that buys. You’ll learn how to spot opportunities, pick up actionable guides on how to improve what you already have for more sales, you will know how to optimize your eCommerce marketing and estore performance as long as you run your business. You’ll get:

1 Six in-depth modules, 22 videos total that show you how to design and run revenue producing marketing initiatives, focusing only on the essentials of the eCommerce marketing expertise (targeted market research, the analytics you got to master and a way to do so without pain and spending too much time on the analysis, hacks on executing daily like a pro, ways of doing selective A/B testing, methods of polishing merchandising that delivers profit and approaches in optimizing without overspending, or relying too much on budget and technology).

2 Principles, processes, tools and templates I personally use to manage and drive online marketing and eCommerce optimization projects. Stuff that works, because I apply it in every project I do.

3 At least 4 assets that share are valued at $15,000 if acquired alone, while you get them for 10X less as part of the program.

4 Four 30 min complimentary sessions with me within a year of purchase to help you customize your customer acquisition strategy, landing page design, analytics review or help with anything related to your eCommerce business at the moment, normally valued at $799 each ($3196 total if you bought alone).

5 Complimentary updates to the course (new eCommerce technology, new examples, new ways to grow traffic and sales).

So, you get a deal paying $1999 one time only for a lifetime access to the program with distilled-to-the-essentials expertise from over 10 years, packaged into 22 videos, 12.5 hrs. A smart investment into your business to help you achieve results faster and at a rate that works well for a growing estore. You become an expert within hours and you have complimentary access to a seasoned expert to give you customized direction when you need the most.

People who bought the course say…

  • Laura Dilley Thomas, eStore Owner

    I am so thankful for this course; it is indeed an excellent course!!
    It is exactly what I needed more than anything else! And I have been
    in the ecommerce for over 7 years and thought I knew quite a bit.
    I went through the videos, and within weeks, hit my goals of
    increasing conversion rate by 39% and AOS by 30%.

    Something I realized that I was too close to my company
    to see where it needed repaired. As the site grew with the company, I found
    myself getting further away from the core of our business
    and more into where and what Google required.
    I went through the videos, and within weeks, hit my goals of
    increasing conversion rate and AOS. All by improving what I already had,
    and focusing on what my actual customers were looking for.
    I have gone back and rewatched several of the videos and each time,
    I take away even more good stuff!

    I'll admit when I started these lessons- my brain was in “lets finish this” mode.
    I was like reading a book wanting to skim some areas fast to get to
    the end quick. There was so much new information that my brain started to fog up.
    Lesson three brought everything together in a way that helped make
    everything make since, and cleared all the brain fog.

    I am still steadily seeing improvement on all of my goals. Even
    my google value per session has even improved by 89%.

    I have read hundreds of books, in which I took ideas to implement for my site
    and marketing, yet the missing pieces were not discovered till I took
    Yulia's ecommerce course. There is not anything as detailed
    to help you grow on the market.  I highly recommend this
    course to all ecommerce owners, unless you enjoy
    giving up sales to your competitors.



1. How do I access the course?

The entire course is online. Once you pay for the course above,
you’ll get an email with a login link and a password to access the training.
You can view the course and use its materials on any device (iPhone, iPad,
tablet, your computer).

2. How long do I have access for?

Your course materials are yours for a lifetime. You can go through the entire course, come
back and rewatch videos and materials as much as you need. In other words, you can consume all 6 modules at your own pace.
It can be done within 6 weeks or faster (some people do it in a week).
So, if you take longer, it is all good, the idea is to adjust to your schedule as you see fit (you are in control).
Plus, all future updates (new videos, templates, tools, processes) are complimentary for you, as I add them.
So, if you take your time, you might spot a handy bonus on top of all the standard materials.

3. What does the program cost?

The entire course is $1999. Yet, you can also buy a-la-carte each module for $499.
Send me an email to contact [at] and tell which module you want
to get from the video above. Of course, by getting the entire course, you save $1000 and
get a comprehensive package of tools to run the entire eCommerce business as a system.

4. How do I pay?

I accept most credit cards from any part of the world: Visa, American Express, Master Card,
JCB, Discover and Diners Club. In fact, you can also use debit cards or prepaid gift cards of
the above merchants to pay for the program. Since the business is in the US, you will be
charged in USD. Simple, easy and accessible to all. Once you hit the buy button, you can
checkout with any of the cards above, using your email as a delivery mechanism, billing
address and CVC (like any other online shopping on your own estore).

5. What are the ala-carte modules about?

The course consists of 6 modules:
Module 1 on Doing Market Research (competitive & online marketing research)
Module 2 on Understanding Your Customer (Analytics, qualitative insights, behavior)
Module 3 on Developing Marketing Strategy or GTM (Go-to-market) Plan
Module 4 on Execution of Marketing Plan Daily
Module 5 on Optimization & Testing, Module 6 on Advanced Psychology,
Neuroscience, Copywriting, Merchandising all applied to eCommerce business,
(with examples, formulas and implementation tips).
Send me an email to contact [at] and tell me which of the
a-la-carte modules you’d like to buy. See the preview in the second video.

6. What about the refunds?

If you are not satisfied with the course, you may request a refund within 7 days
from the date of purchase with 6 complete assignments from each module.

7. How long does it take to complete a course?

It depends on your speed of learning, applying the lessons and the time you have.
Technically, you can finish it within a week and get through all 12.5 hours of videos in one setting.
There are 22 video lessons total in the entire course. I designed each video lesson within the module
to be of 30 to 40 minutes long so that you can study each for 1 hr a day, which might take you up
to 4 weeks to complete the entire course.

8. Do I need to subscribe to any other paid tools to make your program work for me?

This program is not dependent on using specific tools or programs that exist on the market.
There is plenty of usable insights, research materials, tested expertise that you can apply to
your business right away without spending extra. Just see what I show you in a video on the
4 assets above, which alone can make a difference for your business and come as is.

I did design it for bootstrapping startups and entrepreneurs, so you get all you need to make
it work for your business from any lesson. Plus, you get access to a seasoned eCommerce expert for
a fraction of the consulting cost to get help in application of all that you learn here.

As part of the program, you get 4 free consultations with me within a year you purchase it.
So, if we use an example of getting access to or insights from a paid tool, I do have access to some
(market research software) and can get you a one-time data pull or a discount if that applies.
So, I will be glad to help.

I do share the info on the scalable tools that might require some budget, yet, their usage is up to you
and I share cost effective and free alternatives before I suggest anything else. Overall, in terms
of success, it all depends on your own execution and resourcefulness to put this knowledge to
use. I give you the processes, tools, examples, tips and tested knowledge that I applied myself
on my own eCommerce sites (for clients, startups I consult, advise or work full-time for), thus,
you are in control of what works best for you here as well.

Still wondering if this online video program is for you?

See a few tips for free. Apply any insights from the sample preview videos below.
You will experience the effects of this program right away once you get the free videos and apply the tips I share.
Once you watch the videos, you will get excited about the changes your business will experience.


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